Today I am working on invitations for a friend's daughter's wedding. It is something I offered to do and I do it out of love for my friend and her daughter. This is my gift to the couple. I am delighted the bride is a sensible girl with reasonable plans for her wedding. 

For a few years my husband and I ran a small conference center and we hosted many weddings. Some brides go to extremes with plans and decorations-the 'fairy tale' wedding was the most over the top event. I wonder if the couple are still together? 

A successful marriage (in my opinion) takes all the energy and planning that a wedding requires and more. Re-think the thousand dollar photo package- you will maybe look at the album 10 times and then it will be relagated to the closet to collect dust. Rethink the ornate table centerpeices-the dining room will look amazing and then the guests arrive, coats cover the special chair coverings and someone knocks over their wine.Rethink the singer you've hired to serenade your guests during the ceremony-nobody will remember her unless of course you've hired Adele.

Remember why you're gettig married and keep what is important (a lifetime of happiness) your primary focus. 

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  2. shadowstarz

    Marriage, is a sham for those who cannot provide for them self. It enables 2 people to bleed one another dry; emotionally, psychologically, financially and physically.
    Unless, of course, they both complement one another equally in all of those aspects. Any imbalance leads to myopic dysfunction, and ultimately, divorce.

    February 27, 2017