The Hours I Have Lost on Pinterest

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest- you know, the site where you can be inspired, find answers to questions and borrow from others'creativty. I love the ideas. I love the solutions they offer for problems in my life,like, how to clean a scratch on a mobile phone screen(didn't work) and the opportunity to create a new craft. I can now open my own craft store because of the inspiration of the post. I buy the materials but rarely make the craft as each time I open Pinterest I find something 'better' to craft. Consequently, it is a trip back to Michaels.

I have saved over 8000 posts and have opened only 10% of the posts I've saved. I intend to go back to them but I probably never will. This is especially true of the fitness posts-wow! these ladies look great and the exercises easy-but sadly you are still required to move yourself from the comfort of your couch to start.

I love the recipes-some have even been successful but not one of my attempts has looked as good as the original. Can you photo shop food?

The crafts I've tried with my class in art have been quite disastrous especially the ice cream making in a baggie-they should mention it is not a good idea to buy your baggies from the dollar store. The caretaker still cold shoulders me! 

However, I will continue to troll through the posts and topics and hope to live to 123 so I have time to really look at all my 'saves'. 

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